Tinnitus Treatment – Can Tinnitus Be Cured Naturally?

Tinnitus is a common ailment for many people. If you are suffering from Tinnitus, whether temporarily or seriously, you know all about how difficult it is to deal with this affliction. This article will help provide some information about Tinnitus Treatments and how you can alleviate some of those teeth clenching, nerve wrecking symptoms.

Tinnitus is a persistent humming or ringing in the ear. It can be caused by just about any problem that has to do with the parts of the ear. The most common causes of Tinnitus are ear infections, canal blockages, and severe trauma. Some people with Tinnitus have noticed that their symptoms have disappeared as their ear healed. More serious forms, however, do not go away.

There are other, more painful or damaging symptoms of Tinnitus that have been reported. Loss of balance, dizziness, headaches, ear pain, and a feeling of water in the ear are other symptoms of Tinnitus. These symptoms are easier to get rid of than the humming sound you experience.

Tinnitus is not life threatening. It is possible to live your life with Tinnitus. Although the symptoms can be intrusive and sometimes painful, there is no serious danger to your health. There are some ways that you can combat Tinnitus.

There is no absolute cure for Tinnitus. There is still so much that doctors do not know about this affliction. There are a few tinnitus treatments available, but they are used to treat the symptoms of Tinnitus, and generally do not have any lasting effects.

There are treatments that use lidocaine through IV drip, alprazolam, and seizure medicines that can be used. For more severe cases, there is surgery. The surgery is not always effective, and there are the same risks involved as there are in any type of surgery. When considering treatments to help ease the symptoms of Tinnitus, also consider what the side effects from the medications or surgery will be.

Fortunately, there are alternative treatments, such as herbal remedies, that can help to stifle the ringing and the headaches.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Treatment Based on The Unconscious Wisdom

The biggest part of the world population is affected by post-traumatic stress disorder because most people in our crazy world have a traumatic childhood and adolescence. Therefore, most people need treatment.

However, depending on the gravity of their case, they try to forget their traumas, even though they are not cured. This means that we have no idea of how many people suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder on Earth. Of course, everyone is a victim of traumatic experiences in our violent, unfair, and dangerous world. Everyone has many fears.

The safe and fast treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder based on the unconscious wisdom is a natural treatment based on the divine guidance, which is contained in a symbolic form in all dreams. Carl Jung discovered the real power of the dream messages. I simplified and clarified his work after continuing his research and discovering more. Now you can clearly understand the precious unconscious messages in your dreams and understand how to solve your problems.

Your treatment is safe because it is based on divine guidance, and not on the conclusions of ignorant human minds. The unconscious mind is a perfect doctor and a perfect spiritual guide.

When you have traumatic experiences in life you have to remove their negative effect from your psyche. A stress disorder reflects abnormal behavior generated by traumatic experiences. This means that because you had a certain traumatic experience once in your life, you will forever be afraid of the aspects that remind you of this tragic experience, even if you won’t remember exactly why you are so afraid of certain objects or situations.

You may suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, even if you ignore this fact. Or, you already know that you suffer from PTSD because many tragic experiences marked your life. Either you recognize this truth or not, your behavior is surely influenced by all the negative experiences of the past. Your fears are blocking the development of your intelligence and eliminating your sensitivity.

You need treatment. Even though your situation is sad, you can find a free and safe psychotherapeutical treatment by translating the meaning of your dreams based on the scientific method. I teach you everything I know. Now that I simplified Carl Jung’s complicated method of dream interpretation the meaning of dreams became very clear.

I can also translate your dreams for you and help you faster solve your problems, until you’ll learn the dream language.

The unconscious mind will analyze your life, and give you many explanations. You’ll understand why your destiny followed a certain route, and not the route you were expecting to find.

The unconscious mind will show you all the misconceptions that eluded you in the past and perhaps are still misleading you now. You will understand what really happened to you and why. You will also learn how to look at the tragic experiences of your life based on their scientific, philosophical, and religious importance.

The unconscious mind will close your wounds through knowledge and sensitivity. You will become wiser, after understanding why you had to face painful experiences in life. You will also learn how to prevent tragic situations and protect yourself from future traumatic experiences.

You will verify that you can trust the unconscious sanctity. This comprehension will give you relief and confidence.

The unconscious mind helps you forgive the world, and also, forgive yourself for your mistakes and sins. You understand that your negative experiences were related to your psychological reality and to your personality.

The biggest part of your brain belongs to your anti-conscience, which is your wild, violent, evil, and absurd conscience that didn’t evolve like your human conscience. Therefore, you cannot be completely blamed for making mistakes. You are induced to follow the negative tendencies you have inherited into your wild conscience.

The same way, you cannot blame your enemies for being cruel with you. They were controlled by their anti-conscience when they were mean.

After understanding the human reality, you will forgive the human race for all its mistakes and sins, and you’ll also forgive all your mistakes and sins. You will then eliminate the negative reactions generated by the traumatic experiences you had.

A trauma puts your self-defensive mechanism in constant alert, generating neurotic reactions. This means that you accept the absurdity of your anti-conscience, indifferently agreeing with what is absurd. This is why you start doing strange things, which you know that are not normal. You don’t ignore your absurdity, and this is why you try to hide it from the world.

However, you cannot understand how dangerous this absurd behavior is, and how catastrophic it can become if you’ll keep accepting the absurdity of your anti-conscience.

You need the wise unconscious guidance in order to eliminate your absurd tendencies. You also have to be able to predict your future and always feel safe. You must know what is really happening in your reality, instead of being eluded by the misconceptions of your historical time.

Your post-traumatic stress disorder will disappear because the unconscious mind will help you transform your life and feel safe with all the information you’ll have. Your safety is the most important matter of your life. The unconscious mind will help you meet people you can trust. Your life conditions will help you constantly evolve. Everything will be the way you like.

Kyphosis – Information on Curved Spine

Kyphosis is a progressive spinal disorder which causes a curved spine, resulting in a “humpback” or “hunchback”. It is a general disorder, which can be further defined into several subcategories, such as hyperkyphosis or sharp angular Gibbus Deformity.

Hyperkyphosis refers to an excessive curvature which exceeds the normal range. It is nearly always found in the thoracic portion of the spine, and is commonly caused by the effects of osteoporosis in adults. The effects of hyperkyphosis usually tend to result in a more gradual curvature.

Gibbus Deformity is a form of structural kyphosis, and is more pronounced than hyperkyphosis. In this condition, the posterior curve takes on a sharp angle. The angle may become more pronounced when bending forward.

Kyphosis can be separated into two main categories: postural and structural.


Postural kyphosis is normally a less-severe condition, and can usually be corrected easier. It is usually attributed to poor posture, or spine fractures caused by trauma or osteoporosis. Mild cases can normally be corrected by the patient, sometimes with the help of a brace.


Structural kyphosis is most often more severe, and may very well require medical intervention. This is an abnormality affecting the bones, intervertebral discs, nerves, ligaments, or muscles of the spine. The two most common forms of structural kyphosis are congenital and Scheuermann’s Disease.

Congenital kyphosis is defined as a spinal curvature abnormality existing at birth.

Scheuermann’s Disease is commonly described as juvenile kyphosis. It is usually noticed between the ages of 12 and 15. the cause of this disease is unknown, but some experts speculate that it may be familial. The normal definition of Scheuermann’s Disease is an abnormal thoracic curvature which causes anterior vertebral wedging of at least 5° and involving at least 3 consecutive vertebrae.


Mild to moderate postural kyphosis can usually be corrected through exercises or physical therapy. Strengthening the paravertebral muscles and making a conscious effort to correct poor posture commonly yields successful results.

Structural and severe postural kyphosis requires higher levels of medical intervention. Anti-inflammatory drugs are commonly prescribed by a doctor in order to relieve any pain associated with the condition. Treatment is determined by age of the patient, degree of the curve, curve progression and several other factors which are specific to the patient. For patients under the age of 16, braces are usually recommended, and can correct the condition much of the time.

Your doctor may recommend surgery if the angle of the spine is severe, you are experiencing neurological symptoms, and/or you are experiencing excessive pain that other methods cannot relieve.